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2014 - 2015 Special Projects

  1. August 18-25, 2014: Plein Air Painting / the Mural
  2. "Peace Cranes" - Rob Gill / BARFFF Ent.

"Peace Cranes" - Rob Gill / BARFFF Ent.

About this Project

The cranes have been arranged according to NETTT architecture. The NETTT is a spontaneously formed, open-ended, three dimensional empty field of imaginary pure potential. All physical constructions, such as this installation, point to the imaginary one, serving to augment or affect it in some way. Each crane is located approximately within equal distance from all the cranes immediately surrounding it. It is modelled after white noise: an infinitely extending field of patternless material with uniform intensity throughout. The key to this arrangement is that the placement is somewhat arbitrary – there is no rule that defines precisely where each bird should be, and it is through this channel that living presence may assert itself. The creative act has been limited to a single degree of variation – standard scientific process of limiting variables. The generation of this field encodes the author's and environment's consciousness. All activity-living presence-awareness within, around, and directed at the NETTT is absorbed by it – 'programming the NETTT'. An architecture of consciousness. A way of isolating and identifying in a precise way, spiritual-psychological-mental signature.

Additional Information

About the Artist

Hello, my name is Rob Gill. I have been working continuously on my art for about twenty years now, but have only within the last four or five years been showing. I like to describe what I do as science using art as the medium. The human psyche, state of being, cognition, consciousness, the 'signature of presence' is one of the main foci of my research. Much of what I have done is on my website, I have a BFA from Queen's University in Kingston with a specialization in painting, but have been working independently ever since, exploring such fields as mathematics, computer science, philosophy, psychology, and of course audio and visual art ­ esecially computer animation. I also have video, performance art, and installation work. BARFFF Enterprises ­ we don't just talk, we do, but just don't tell anybody else please.

Thank you to Gayle and the rest of Muskoka Place Gallery.

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Plein Air Painting / the Mural

August 18-25, 2014 at Clevelands House with Artists-in-Residence Greg and Susan Hindle

What started out as Plein Air painting classes soon turned into a community arts project with the suggestions of a mural by Clevelands House General Manager Jesse Hamilton and the enthusiasm of co-ordinator Gayle Dempsey, Artists in Residence Greg and Susan Hindle and many interested guests, visitors and local artists.

Historians Richard Tatley and Jack and Lindan Hutton approved of the appropriateness of the subject matter which was an archival black and white photo of the original Muskoka Chautauqua site on Tobin Island on Lake Rosseau that was soon transformed into a full colour masterpiece.

Mural participants:

  • Greg and Susan Hindle
  • Laura Ludlow, Adam Hindle, Thea Lauermeier, Jennifer Murphy
  • Taylor Blair and Mitchell Zehr
  • Susan Terry
  • Betty Dawson
  • Gayle Dempsey and Shirley Harris
  • Susan Melkert, Christy and Karen Rueb
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