how to apply

If you are interested in showing your work at the Muskoka Place Gallery, please send the following:

  • digital images; please include title, medium, size and date of the work
  • your biography and curriculum vitae, listing any previous exhibitions
  • your contact info

Application packages can be sent by mail to:

Box 172
Port Carling, ON
P0B 1J0

Or by e-mail to:

please contact us for application deadlines


Agreement between the Muskoka Place Gallery and ___________________________ (artist) to exhibit and sell original work by the artist.

1. Purpose: Artist appoints Muskoka Place Gallery as agent for below listed works of art for purposes of exhibition and sale from _______ to __ __, 200_

2. List of work and accompanying retail prices received by the gallery from the artist:

3. Commission: percentage is 30% to the gallery and 70% to the artist for work sold in the gallery or for work sold from slides or photographs shown to the client by the gallery.

4. Shipping: artist is responsible for packing, shipping/transporting, insurance, and delivery costs to and from gallery.

5. Framing: The artist is responsible for framing. Frames should be gallery quality and mats should be white or off-white.

6. Receptions and promotions: The Gallery and the artists will share all reception, announcements and promotion costs as agreed to by the parties.

7. Insurance: The gallery assumes no responsibility for the artists work while in the Gallery’s care, custody or control.

8. Information provided by artist: artist will provide gallery with professionally prepared statement about his/her work, resume, photographs, copies of catalogues, articles, slide/images of work and other pertinent information and materials used (oil, acrylic, water colour, papers, etc.).

The Muskoka Place Gallery looks forward to a mutually successful and positive relationship.

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