Muskoka Place Gallery
1182 Foreman Road
Port Carling, Ontario
Phone: 705-765-1048

exhibitions & events

The Muskoka Place Gallery hosts exhibitions and events throughout the year. Exhibitions usually hang in the gallery for three weeks, and begin with an opening with the artist present. Most exhibitions take place between June and November. Take a look at our archive of previous shows to see some of the work that has graced our walls.

Currently at the Gallery

Canadian Canoe Culture

Canadian Canoe Culture

September 7 - October 19

featuring: Eileen Pocklington, Gayle Dempsey, Greg Hindle, Janet Stahle, Krysia Bower, Lynnet McDermott, Marc Jordan, Margaret Richards, Marie St. Germain, Natalie Cormack, Pat Whittle and Susan Hindle