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Materials List - outdoor
With instructor Pat Fairhead at the Muskoka Place Gallery

Colours: I prefer Artist Quality watercolour, acrylic, or water soluble oil

I buy colour by the quality of the pigment, intensity, transparency and permanence, and suggest this list to you:

Plus  - anything that you have!

Brushes:     acrylic brushes are great, natural hair is best but expensive

                   Selection of rounds and flats – each medium has its own
                   Watercolour/round brushes – include Big i.e. #20 and a flat wash brush
                   Acrylic & oil – keep them separate – round & flats – at least 1 Big
Palette:    white with mixing wells for watercolour, paper palette for acrylic or oil

Paper and Supports of your choice
Selection might include: 

Pencils:  2B and 6B, conte crayon or ‘woodless’ pencils, charcoal

Sketch Book:  good for keeping notes and for sketches

Backpack: bug juice, hat, sunscreen, camera
Also bring paper towels, water container, masking tape and 2 bulldog clamps.

*Martin’s Art Supplies Custom Framing Gallery, Bracebridge (discount): 645-9444
*North Art in Huntsville gives a 10% discount:  1-800-628-5681
*Curry’s in Barrie give quite a good discount:  1 877-525-0505 (will mail out orders)
*Woolfitt’s in Toronto – good discount – mention that you are Pat Fairhead’s student