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Nancy grew up in Scarborough, Ontario, attending both elementary and secondary schools there. An enthusiasm for art occurred early in Nancy's life, and at a very young age she decided that she was going to be an artist when she grew up.

Nancy studied graphic and fine arts throughout high school and at Sheridan College, Oakville, but it was with her talent in fine arts that she excelled. Drawing and painting became a passion that led this young art student to create her own career as an artist. Her drawing skills were notable and with encouragement and support from her teachers and family, Nancy was successfully guided towards life as an artist.


Animals, both domestic and wild, are the subjects of choice for Nancy. To develop a growing interest in wildlife art, Nancy attended workshops with other wildlife artists in Algonquin Park and Alaska. It was at this time she was awarded a scholarship for achieving a level of excellence. She has enjoyed numerous one-woman shows of her work, and has exhibited in the company of Canada's finest wildlife artists, making her a well-known member within the community of wildlife art.


Alaska Spring
Passing Through
Young Raccoon
The Sentry


Nancy met her husband, Pat Doran, in 1976 while attending a privately run art school. For six years, she was able to indulge in developing her skills as an artist while teaching at the school. Pat and Nancy were married in 1981 and five years later they moved to their present home in Muskoka where they live with their two children.

Nancy has enjoyed combining her love of teaching with her art and as a result has become a well recongnized teacher of the arts within her community. Since 1992, she has been actively involved in teaching art in school classrooms. She has also held both private and group workshops in a variety of art disciplines and mediums over the last two decades.

Bringing her wildlife art to books was an offer she was delighted to accept. In 1988, Nancy created illustrations for a book written by R.D. Lawrence, The Natural History of Canada, published by Key Porter Books of Toronto. She has since created illustrations for eight publications within the Kids Can Press wildlife series for children, including Wild Cats, Eagles, Salmon, Otters, Bats, Owls, Snakes and Skunks.



The combination of Nancy's interest in wildlife with the opportunity to illustrate this series, and future books, has created an effective partnership, a realization she is quite happy with as she proudly observes this natural evolution to her art.


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